Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Whole Damn Army Example: The Hellfire Imperium

Taking in the rules expressed in this, that, and the other entry, my Into the Heart of the Dragon game features a nation-state called the Hellfire Imperium, and I can stat out the nation-state's Capital City, called Dis. Dis is responsible for the creation of A Whole Damn Army of Imps. We start with the base stats of Dis.
  • Dis is a City
By default a city is Moderate, Steady, Guard, Market, and Guild (Iniquities). It also has Oaths with at least two other steadings (Abaddon, Sheol), usually a town and a keep. If the city has trade with at least one steading and fealty from at least one steading choose one (as a capital city, it does):
  • The city has permanent defenses, like walls: +Defenses, Oath (Ikisat)
The city has one problem
  • supernatural defenses: +Defenses, Blight (Is a literal Hell on Earth)
These upgrade Dis' Defenses to Battalion, thus the city has a force with these stats on hand:

A Whole Damn Battalion                                                       Horde, Huge, Organized, Intelligent,
Tridents and Fireballs (b[2d6+7] damage 1 piercing)                                                    24 HP 7 Armor
Reach, Forceful, Near, Far
Special Qualities: A Metric Shitload of demons!
  • Shatter Their Morale! (any)
  • Loose! (Archers)
  • Hold the Lines! (Pikes)
Because they are practically Hell on Earth, in addition to these base defenses, they can conscript enough Lost Souls to also field the following army (who are not inexperienced, even though they are conscripted from the general population).

All the Damned Souls                                                               Horde, Huge, Cautious, Intelligent,
Wall of Woes (w[2d6] damage* and heal the same amount)                                         32 HP 7 Armor
Reach, Forceful, Near, Far
Special Qualities: A Metric Shitload of souls!,
  • Surround them! (Infantry)
  • Their souls are forfeit!
*These souls are loathe to cause any more harm than they may already have for fear they will be further punished, yet they are still willing due to their inability to escape said punishment.

If they have several days notice of an attack, they can call for another Whole Damn Army from the combined resources of Abaddon and Sheol--which would have +5 HP and an extra move--and some Dragon Riders from Ikisat.

At Moderate Prosperity with a 32 HP citizenry earning the Wages of Sin, they have coffers no larger than 250,000,000 (6 points)

At 24 HP, the Battalion has roughly 2,500,000 worth of military supplies.(4 points)

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