Friday, January 20, 2017

Notice Me Senpai

I've been working on Visual Novel World for a while now, and here it is, ready for playtest! It takes the "Class Warfare approach" of presenting character subtypes and allowing people to cobble together a character from 2-3 choices of those subtypes. All of them are geared either to anime/manga/visual novel stereotypes, or a(n admittedly western) idea of (mostly modern) Japanese culture, or at least the culture that Americans see, which is mostly varying degrees of cooking/food culture, martial arts, mecha, romance, schools, or squick depending on the example media.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

More about Mass Combat in Dungeon Worlds

For those of you just joining in, you'll find the original blog post on mass combat here. I'm coming back to that because some things could stand to have further detail, and I hear there is some more information on Mass Combat since I wrote it.

Population and Battle "Turns"
The size of a battlefield determines how long it takes for the armies to kill each other off, if for no other reason than the fact that those in the front have to either die off or move so those in the back can have a go, and if they die off, the ones in the back have to wade through bodies.

Population                   Turn Length
Up to 100                    15 minutes
Up to 1,000                 30 minutes
Up to 10,000                1 hour
Up to 100,000              2 hours
Up to 1 million             4 hours

When considering soldiers in conveyances vs. other soldiers in conveyances, don't multiply by the size of their crew, but use the number of vessels/vehicles instead. So a battle of 5 ships vs. 4 counts as a population 100 or less battle.

Multiply the length of a turn by 2 if a whole unit has superior armor (3-4 points). Divide turn length by 2 if a whole unit has cartridge based firearms, or by 4 if they are capable of rapid fire. These also count for troop superiority.

These rules are outdated Use the rules here, unless you don't want to use A Whole Damn Army.
As noted in the previous blog post, a side gets bonus damage based on a numerical advantage it has over the others, but this rule permits certain units to have more effect than their population would otherwise indicate.

One component of superiority is how the unit moves. Each unit must have one of these
Aerial (Air)- This unit counts double against units that aren't either Aerial, Artillery, or Ranged.
Aquatic (Aq)- This unit counts double in liquid environments, and half outside them (if that's even possible). Amphibious (Amp) units overcome this limitation.
Foot (Ft)- This unit only gains superiority in tight spaces, such as indoors.
Mounted (Mtd)- The soldier and his mount are counted separately, and are doubled again vs foot soldiers.
Vehicular (Veh)- This unit counts double against units with Mtd mobility, and double again vs. those with Ft mobility.

The other component of mobility is the kind of attacks they employ
Armored (Arm)- This unit is capable of reducing the average damage of its opposition's attack by half, and therefore counts as double vs. any attack that doesn't explicitly nullify or pierce armor.
Artillery (Art)- This unit negates armor superiority, and has superiority over any unit that is not armored.
Fortified (Frt)- This unit represents permanent civilizations, who have walled cities, or take to the streets and improvise riot barriers. It counts double its population vs. units without engineering. Hoarder tag.
Engineer (Eng)- This unit negates Fortified. Devious tag.
Ranged (Rng)- This unit counts double against mounted melee units, and double again vs. melee units with Foot mobility.
Reach (Rch)- Pikes and spears negate Mtd superiority, although the soldier and the horse count separately for population purposes.
Recon (Rcn)- This unit employs stealth, and counts double against units that move into territories it uses as cover. Stealthy tag.
Transport (Tpt/Tons)- This unit can transport the specified number of tons, or ten times that many humans. it always has Veh mobility.

Monday, January 16, 2017

I got a Discord

TL;DR- Go here and join my Discord gaming server!

Been a while since I did a regular post, and this one isn't going to be what you would call a regular post, or even a full length post. It's more of an update. A while ago, someone suggested getting discord, and moving away from Skype.

Not too long after, the Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG team posted here on blogspot they would probably leave to go to discord. So I got the Discord app to follow them, and have decided that Discord has everything I wanted from Skype, plus none of the stuff I didn't want. They also have the ability to create numerous topics all within the same group of people, and cordon off separate rooms for a smaller subset of that larger group. And finally, you can make your own emojis. My server is here.