Thursday, April 6, 2017

Into the Heart of the Dragon

So I made a map for a Dungeo World campaign in which the party is swallowed by a dragon big enough to eat a village whole. The idea is that they escape the dragon by killing it from the inside, and it crash lands, This map is where the dragon crash lands.

Since the game also takes place in part, inside a dragon, I'll also leave you with the starter for the group inside the dragon:
World Eater was once a normal dragon. For many centuries now, the dragon has been so big it could eat a village. The additional size means the dragon does not have the same physiology as other dragons. Old tales tell of ancient heroes with legendary weapons could once pierce its scales, but nobody has succeeded in doing that as long as anyone can remember. Assuredly, larger holds survive by sheer volume of siege weaponry they can bring to bear. You are from no such land. Some of you may have been here a while, others only a month. This is your story.

First Impressions
Ø  World Eater was once an ordinary black dragon, but now has a variety of gemstones and minerals that have become embedded into the dragon due to its hibernation and feeding cycles.
Ø  The town of Gullet as far as anyone inside can reckon, is a little way past where the Dragon’s esophagus meets its trachea, hence the name. Occasionally the dragon eats, and the whole town shakes like an earthquake. Dirt and rubble from a new town becomes a part of Gullet.
Ø  Gullet is situated deep in a “valley”; deeply enough that when the dragon breathes fire, the citizens are not harmed. They do however feel an intense pressure wave.
Ø  Gastric Fog occasionally comes from “south” of Gullet, leaving those who are stuck outside with mild acid burns for the next several days.
Ø  There is something the villagers are not telling you.
Ø  A constant faint creaking sound accompanies a slight rising and falling, as if the entire area is in a constant tide.

(in addition to the bonds you make with the other players, answer +Wis of the following)
Ø  Are you on good terms with the citizens of Gullet?
Ø  How did you survive the fall from the Dragon’s maw to the town of Gullet?
Ø  How long have you been in Gullet?
Ø  What rumors have you heard about escaping the dragon?
Ø  Whence did you hail before your home was swallowed?
Ø  Who do you know in Gullet?
Ø  Who would try to stop you from escaping the dragon if you could get out of Gullet?