Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Material Sciences in Into the Heart of the Dragon

My Into the Heart of the Dragon campaign has a house rule where you can add tags to items that make them worth +50% price per added tag rather than a flat 50 gold. Some items are of a lower quality, and have modifications that make them cheaper rather than more expensive. This reduction is also -50% (usually). If an item’s price would be reduced to zero by modifiers, its price is -80% instead (minimum 1 coin).

As a natural extension of that, I've decided to make a list of qualities and materials using tags. They will vary in price based on the number of good and bad qualities they have. I know this one may not suit everyone, so don't read it if you don't want the extra detail in your campaign

Damascus Wootz/Pattern Welding
+50% value
  • Superior to Steel

Dwarven Armor
+150% value (only +50% inside a Dwarven settlement)
  •  Armor removes the Clumsy tag for dwarves
  •  -1 ongoing to Defy Danger with +DEX.
  •  Superior to Steel

Dwarven Weapon

100% value (only +50% inside a Dwarven settlement)
  •  Swap Reach for Forceful
  • Superior to Steel

Elven Weapons (Elven armor is Mythril)

+250% value (only +200% inside an Elven settlement)
  •  Mythril
  • +1 Ammo
Notes: Used in place of the core Elven Arrows price is only 5 coins but stats remain the same.


+100% value
  • +Messy
  • +1 damage

+50% value
  • Cheap
  • Jagged


+50% value
  • 1 piercing

+50% value
  • Jagged
  • Fragile

Dragon Anything

+250 value
  • Armor Only: Provides the same Armor value against the element the dragon breathed (so a 3 armor suit protects with 3 armor for most things, 6 armor vs. its breath type)
  • Weapons Only: The element that the dragon breathed is imbued within the weapon, giving it the +element tag (which logically affects weaknesses, resistances, and so forth). Whenever you roll 10+ to Hack and Slash and choose to deal extra damage, deal an extra d8 instead of the normal d6. You are still at risk.
  • Superior to Mythril

  • Superior to Elven
  • Whenever you Hack and Slash or Volley, you can roll +INT instead of the respective attribute.
  • If you are a Cleric who worships Sola, upgrade your damage to a d10


+200% value
  • Reduce wt. by 1
  • Weapons replace Clumsy with Precise
  • When you defy physical dangers with Mythril Armor, a 6- becomes a 7-9
  •  Superior to Steel

+400% value
  • Ignores the "n Piercing" tag when dealing damage, but not the "Ignores Armor" tag
  • Armors get +1 armor
  • Weapons get +1 Piercing (though the tag is ignored against Orichalcum, it still gets a bonus point of damage for the purpose of normal penetration, thus breaking even with the armors)
  • Superior to Mythril (probably worth a bonus forward, but that's up to the fiction)

Cheap (may represent “Pig Iron”)
-50% value
  • For weapons, on 6- with Hack and Slash or Volley, reduce damage by -1 ongoing. Normally a -x ongoing calls for a circumstance that fixes it. This could be anything from bending metal back into shape, re-wrapping grips, refitting armor that's been knocked out of place, retying ties that have come loose, etc. For armors, a 6- on Defend or Defy Danger reduces armor by -1. Armor reduced to zero is destroyed


-50% value
  • On 6-, the item is destroyed.


+50% value (minimum. Also add the value of lesser materials where applicable)
  • Whenever the GM offers a worse outcome, hard bargain, or ugly choice, or says what happens on a 6-, the item cannot be lost to a lesser material.

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