Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Current Playtest Projects

I've done a good deal of World Engine houserules, and in the past work with a lot of mainstream systems, but occasionally I strike on an idea that deserves its own full rule set, so I write an entire book either cold, or drawing on inspiration from previous works. I'd like to take this opportunity to share my works with anyone who gives enough shits to read my blog.

The first was inspired by a jacksepticeye Let's Play series for a video game called Until Dawn, which for the uninitiated is a QTE driven survival horror. I was thinking about the LP one night and randomly stumbled upon attributes which would spell the word SCREAM with their first letters, so I called it SCREAM!

The book is here:

It's currently in an (inactive) playtest on rpol.net here:

The second is inspired by one of my favorite HD games (I have to specify HD because I don't know if anything will ever dethrone FFIX) Grand Theft Auto V as well as the Saints Row series. Criminal Sandbox type games.. I was playing online creating a character when I noticed everything had a percentile number and I could easily convert that to a d10 dice pool by assuming that each 10 points (or half a bar on the GUI) could represent a d10 for task randomization.

The book is here (as is a character sheet):

There is an active playtest as well on rpol.net here:

I hope the relatively few of you that pay attention like/want to play in either of these systems/playtests.